Your table is now ready at the Mushy Food Club Ms. E.

E skillet started eating solidsĀ  mushed up versions of people foods about a week ago. In a brief moment of delusion I thought this would help her to sleep through the night a little bit better because I forgot that is actually a farse and a silly myth moms believe to make themselves feel better….

EHG ::Five Months::

Oh my little five month old princess, how I delight in your existence. You are my lil ray of sunshine who just wants to smile, suck on things, eat some milk, and sleep. As long as I keep you away from cars, feelings of hunger or sleepyness…you are as just as content as can be….

A Random Monday Mama Musing.

I’m in a fog y’all. A fog of tired that is denser than dense. These sleep regressions are no joke and Emma is a wiz at them. But, as much as I want to complain and whine because oh heavens my kid just isn’t sleeping well at all, I’m just not gonna do it…. at…

EHG ::4 Months::

I’m sitting here with you on my lap as you suckle away at your chubby little hands. They’re just about your favorite thing in the world. You stare at them, suck them, fold them, flail them… I sometimes get that Sweeny Todd song stuck in my head where he sings to his shaving knives and…

EHG ::Three Months::

Ehhhrrrmaghawwwwwddddddddd, my baby is three months old. On one side of my brain, theres a little party going on because my baby is three months old and she has entered the beginning of the best part of babyness, but on the other side of my brain, i’m clawing at the little infant stage with all…