Week 16…I think

So I missed a week. Oops. This weekend= yard sale chaos. Look at hubster in action trying to seal the deal with an 8 year old.

Week 13.

The big move is this weekend. Meaning, prepping, planning, and power washing.

Week 12.

Better late than never? Meh. This weekend we celebrated our friends Lisa and Brandon getting married with a shower. Lisa’s not just my friend, she’s my grand little, and for those from the sorority way of life, that means she’s family. However, it feels a bit odd to still refer to her as my grand…

Week 10.

Chicago. Is where I spent my weekend. It snowed a bit. I ate a lot…i mean…a lot. I laughed til it hurt. My toes got painted. I took not enough pictures. (hangs head in shame)

Week 9.

Big thing happened this weekend. This little niece of mine was baptized on Sunday. More on that soon. Don’t you just want to know what she is thinking so intently about?? I know I do.