Week 22: MPH

The journey towards the masters degree is now OVER. 46 credits (somehow i went one over, id like that extra 1,000 back…thanks) done, accomplished, finished, no more. Hallelujah, free at last, free at last, FREE AT LAST. A lot of things happened to me since starting school, basically the entire beginning of my adult life…

Week 21: Bath 2

Bath number 2 for the fuzzy furry ball….went better than the first time. P.S. Thesis presentation over. You can now refer to me as Lindsey MPH Goggin forever and for always. Skidoosh.

Week 18: Sanding.

Our life is in shambles. The contents of our kitchen are in the dining room… Because we’re (and by we i mean P…but painting…that’s what i’ve been doin…) sanding cabinets and painting until the end of eternity. 5 trips to Lowes so far…many more to come i’m sure.