Congratulations, you won a day of aggravation.

You know that feeling you get when you think you’ve won something really great? Simply because you have this feeling that others missed out…it gives you this feeling of being CHOSEN and like…the tits. But sometimes you realize you actually didn’t win at all…you kinda lost…and it kinda crushes your spirit into a tiny lil…

Remember the time when….SLEEP

Remember the time when Luke slept 10-11 hours straight 3 nights in a row….I FEEL LIKE I COULD RUN A MARATHON I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY!!!

Remember that time when….Footie Foot

Remember the time when we were at home fellowship group and Luke was sitting in Lauren’s lap (not sleeping like he was sposeeeeee to be) and he started playing with his sausage toes feet. Hooray!

Remember the time when….golf cartin’

Remember that time you thought it’d be a great idea to take Luke with you to an event where you are supposed to take pictures of a people golfing in the rain….#momfail. Everyone thought I was carrying a teddy bear on my chest…like adults do ya know? Live and learn :).

Remember the time when…Bouncy Muppets.

Remember the time when you plopped Luke in his bouncer in front of Muppets Treasure Island and he bounced his baby booty off and smiled under his muppet induced coma. Totally my kid.