It happened. PTL It happened.

Last night…I died a little inside. Not the “something terrible happened to my soul and it’ll never come back” kinda died inside, but the “omg i cant believe this is happening ironic that I say i’m dying inside when in reality my soul is ALIVEEEEEEE” kinda died inside. Unless you’ve been living under a rock…


First day back in the office after 4 days in Cape Cod…i tried to unlock the mailbox with my car opener this morning…clearly i need a lil mercy as im a walking zombie today, thank you delayed flight out of Boston. New Dave song was waiting for my in my spotify this morning. jackpot. mercy

A bit of twang.

Im not one for the country music…bluegrass and folk yes…country…no. But, Miranda Lambert…I like. Specially her latest. Happy listening.

Music Monday

I saw her open for Howie Day back in the day…she’s still around, Howie is well…not really. Still love her.


Last night…the Grammy’s were…um all over the map. I don’t even have to go into Nikki Minaj…yea….so….. I love me some Adele, she’s simple, she’s classic, she just does her thing. But as far as my favorite performance? This guy…kicked it off with a bang. Totally reminds me of Franky Lymon back in the day….