I knew it would happen.

As soon as I saw that Memphis was coming to the Kennedy Center, my first instinct was…don’t buy tickets, you’ll be disappointed. See, thing is. I’ve seen Memphis probably about 20 times (thank you netflix)….I know it so well it’s disgusting. My obsession with how Montego Glover plays Felicia is unhealthy. I knew that no…


at least it looks good…and at least Fantine dies off early so she is only going to be able to murder 1 or 2 songs…but THIS is the song you pick to put on the first trailor? Ears bleeding. Ugh. http://insidemovies.ew.com/2012/05/30/les-miserables-trailer/ At least Taylor Swift is gone…let’s just be happy about that for a minute.


Instant Goosebumps. What was my life like before SMASH? Gahhhhh so gooooooodddddd.  

Broadway birthday

Strikes again :). Ringing in the big, nasty 2-7 checking off two clicks on my bucket list. See Matthew Broderick Live. See Kelli O’hara Live. Thanks hubbin. 🙂 http://niceworkonbroadway.com/ I also just found out Roseanne’s mother in her show is in the show….can life get better??? Ridiculously excited.

Once: A New Musical

It sounds like butter to my ears. I keep having to check if I’m listening to the soundtrack or if my spotify switched over to The Civil Wars, The Avett Brothers, or the Wailin Jenny’s or something. I haven’t come across something this original (to me at least) since Spring Awakening. Would love to find…