SJG: 2 Months Old

The third in line to the throne is 2 months old (err 9 weeks at the time of this posting, but close enough for government work as we used to say….or maybe that was just me). He’s spent these past few weeks, doing one thing and one thing only, holding all his chub close to his bones and letting none of it be metabolized for anything but extra girth.

Those leg rolls…already make me so happy.

It’s not like the other two were extra scrawny, because they weren’t. Emma’s legs plumped up very nicely eventually and Luke rocked the 95% spot of the curve from day one. It’s just that no one really looked this…well…larger than life so early. Luke was only 11lbs at 2 months old…Shep is already topping the scale at 14lbs. The epitome of a fat and happy baby, that’d be Shep.

It’s almost as if his body knows it’s the third kid and he’s fearful I’ll forget he’s there and needs to eat so he keeps the extra chub just to protect against my own absent mindedness…I’m already at that point where the car seat is beyond my ability to carry it without looking like i’m about to give myself a hernia…it’s not a crossfit injury…just a car seat with a baby whale inside. But if I do get a hernia, I may lie and tell people it IS a crossfit injury…which no one would believe…cuz…I don’t do the crossfit.

2 Months by the numbers:

Weight: 14lbs 1oz

Length: 23in 3/4 in

Likes: Ceiling fans, Gerry the Giraffe Paci holder, car rides, sibs, bathtime

Hates: Changing his clothes…that’s kinda it y’all.

At two months old, we’re working hard on that neck control. Mostly for his own safety as I know it’s only a matter of time before the kids try and pick him up or shove him in a doll stroller when I’m distracted. Last night, he slept for his longest stretch of 8 hours and what a glorious, glorious gift that was…no indian giving this gift, keep it going dude.

He has a really good old man face or a “what are you doing, you crazy and loud people” look. He has a strong affection for the ceiling fan, windows, and just about anything that isn’t a human face. I don’t take it too personally….yet.


I sometimes think back to how much we went back and forth on having the third kid…and gotta tell ya…this little buddy fulfills alllll those hopes and wishes for everyone. I could kiss dat buddah belly from sun up to sun down and can’t wait to find out what personality is gonna come outta those deep blue eyes…cuz the other two certainly brought their personality A game…your up champ.

Happy 2 months to the Shepster! We love every one of those 14lbs so much!

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