Porky Pig.

I think I gave Shep the wrong animal emoji upon his birth (the things I think about at 3am). I picked a sweet sheep to carry him through the instagram world because…Shepherd…herding sheep…baa baa black sheep, obvious right? However he’s proving that his true spirit animal is actually…..a pig, pig nose one included.


giphy (1)

I pulled out a 3-6 month onesies just on a whim thinking he’ll never fit into it one but we don’t have many 3 month onesies…so maybe?? And guess what.


not the onesie…but he cute.

Pretty sure he’s fresh off the newborn train and is only 6 weeks old right? Did I sleep through another 6 weeks of his life and not remember (possible, but unlikely). Everything else about you still says 6 weeks like…the grunts, the head bobbles, the countless poops, the squeals, the instant pee fountains in the baby tub, the spit ups, the lack of smiling back at your poor mother on demand…but your size?! Maybe I should start selling my milk to GNC as a new form of protein power supplement…No money back guarantees though.

I have fears of going into his next appointment and the nurses and doctors asking me if I’m shooting him up with baby ‘roids or something…I swear…it’s just me, he’s just basically a solid lump of baby. SQUISHY AND SWEET AND CHEEKS.



No matter the size, i’m loving that big baby belly and those rolls we’re working on. Hard to believe just 44 days ago he wasn’t even here and I was still lugging him around on the inside… that wasn’t fun, this is better.

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