SJG: 1 Month Update

Sheppy Shep the king of the chins, gassy guzzler, lover of swaddles, pacis and older siblings is one month old. (Actually he’s 5 weeks old, but that falls within the realm of being one month old, right?)

He’s basically doubled in size… I can’t confirm that for certain because there’s no scale readily accesible, but judging from the double of his face fat and the fit of his clothes…he’s plumping fast. Simmer a bit though because I have this adorable newborn suspenders outfit I need to shove him in and attempt a photo of…cuz it hasn’t happened yet…cuz 3 kids…but I want it to happen….sooooooo yeah (face palm).

I used to write these long drawn out posts for Luke and Emma’s (mostly Luke’s, lezzzzz be honest) monthly updates, but honestly what do you write about a one month old? They eat, they sleep, they poop, they grunt, they blink, then they repeat it several times until they do it again the next day. We’re basically just doing our best to keep up with that insatiable appetite of his, which means moms snacking around the clock (currently shoving Lucky Charms in my trap as I type). Like a 2 bagel in the morning minimum kinda hunger…NOM NOM OUTTA MY WAY.

Still waiting on those non-sleep induced smiles, pretty rude to give nothing back after all I do for this lump in my opinion (half serious half totally true, amiright?!). He rolled over one time when no one was watching him doing tummy time, but hasn’t done it since…so let’s just say it didn’t happen or blame it on Gracie (we blame everything on Gracie).


Put him in the car seat and hit the road and he’s knocked out cold within minutes…red lights can be the enemy. No major sibling accidents have occurred yet, however the older brother is determined to give Shep his cold and I’m fighting him off like William Wallace…STAY BACK GERMY CHILD. And the big sister has only told me to put him down a handful of times to play with her instead…could be worse, we’ll call it a win. Shep had his first snow experience and cared for it zero bits, January babies gotta love the snow and appreciate the lifetime of Laser Tag and Go Kart birthdays he’s destined to have because there will be no outside parties everrrrrr.

He’s a cute, snuggly sloth who fits in just fine. Just waiting for that GI tract to mature and to end these all night grunt galas he is insistent on participating in…this party doesn’t need his attendance…let’s try the “sleep all night long” party that wants to happen instead. People at that party are way cooooooooler.

That’s about it…Month 2- let’s do it.



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  1. Aunt Jennie says:

    There is always AZ for an outside birthday party! ☺️

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