An original lullaby about babies.

If you had asked me how my kids would react when the baby arrived, it probably would have gone something like this:

“Emma will probably be shouting “Emma help you” every 5 seconds and spend her entire day say “Awww, baby so cute” and giving him kisses. Luke will probably pop in and out, give some hugs, and then demand we play hot wheels and I put the baby down.”

I don’t have a future in predicting the future.

I clearly don’t know my kids at all, because I was wrong-o. WRONG-O.

When the kids first came to the hospital, Emma was too terrified of the hospital bed to go near it, sit with me, or even touch it. She held Shep for maybe a minute before passing him off and going back to wrapping herself up in the hospital curtains and pretending to be a ghost.


Luke on the other hand came in like someone who had just won a major award and if you were going to get in his way you would feel his wrath.

He asks to hold him when he wakes up, 2 minutes after he stopped holding him, before he eats, after he eats, when he gets in the car, wants to hold him in the bathtub…it’s a pattern.


He’s fascinated by how small he is, what age he is, what he can and can not do, why he makes weird noises, how he eats (that’s a fun anatomy lesson for a 5 year old)…Luke calls it “when baby sucks on mommy”.

Emma’s held him once since he’s been home, pats him on his head, but has more important things to do with her day…like singing Elsa karaoke, playing dress-up, and demanding her toes painted for the 10th time in an hour. Girls got dreams, and this baby ain’t messing them up.

After school today, Luke built a pillow fortress around Shep and then promptly created his own special lullaby all about babies and just for him…His chord structure could use some work, but I like the creativity and honesty of his lyrics:

He’s also gonna need some ukulele lessons…

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