Local DC/NOVA Moms. Listen up.

I have a dislike of staying home with my kids on most days. I feel like a caged animal who just sits around and snacks for 8 hours of the day counting down until naps or bedtimes and that is just a whole lot of zero fun. Also is a direct route to a diabetic coma by about 45, so I have to do SOMETHING else.

How do I manage this zoo animal type feeling of being a parent of two kids under 5 on most days? I GO DO THE THINGS.

All the things.

Literally, we try and do ALL of the things…when brave.


Parks? I’ve been to basically everyone within a 45 minute radius. Museums? Yea, we’ve been there, had the tantrum, learned the lessons. Zoos? Yea, we feed those giraffes. Indoor playgrounds? Stopped in, ran around, got the snotty nose as a souvenir.

It takes some courage on some days to get out of the house and go out into the world with toddlers, but after a few years, I’ve started to know some of the best spots to go with little ones and have really gained an understanding of the parenting landscape in the Northern Virginia Area.

In an effort to share this information with the world, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and I’m learning to Hula.

Shocked face? Disgusted? Not like actual hula hula with a grass skirt and coconut shells, but an awesome new website for local parents simple looking for THINGS TO DO. I’m dusting off my brain and becoming a managing editor for a local kids resource called hulafrog.com.


The best part for you? WINNING THINGS oh and awesome free content. Currently, Hulafrog is running a contest to win $200 to Babies R Us, all you have to do is to subscribe, seriously, that’s it.


I like free diapers, you like free diapers, we all want free diapers. What if you could get free diapers and also find a fun new activity to tire your kids out and secure a solid two hour nap on top of it? Yea…you’re with me…I knew it. Subscribe and win now!

Go ahead y’all, I would love to help you win some money. I’d love to help you become the cool parent in town who has an in on ALL the good information in the area.


Can’t wait to share more with you, to help you and your families make amazing memories together and really start soaking in as much as NOVA has to offer. Just last night Luke was asking about learning more about Dinosaurs and I was struck by the fact that we live in an area where I can hop in the car and seriously just go take him to an amazing museum with giant Dinosaur bones. My kids learned to walk around the Discovery Space Shuttle because parking is free after 4pm on weekdays and well it’s here…I mean…that’s awesome. AWESOME.

Good luck guys, I hope you win ALL of the monies…and then I hope you enjoy ALL of the things I can’t wait to share with you. Hula with me!

Also…guys…can we just for a moment pause and discuss whyyyyyyyyy there was a penguin snuggy on the overnight dates of the bachelor this week?! WHAT IS HAPPENING.



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