Watch out Copeland…

Seriously Misty…watch these videos, because she’s precious in a tutu and I think you’d two really would be buddies.

Emma’s been in “dance class” for four weeks now. It’s a “princess and the pea” baby ballerina dance class and basically it’s an hour a week where Emma gets to dress up like “Elka” (her word for all princesses because she can’t say Elsa), make soup with a wand she keeps chewing, and flutter around and sometimes bounce on a trampoline.

Still waiting for her to really show her “modern interpretations of the music” like she does in the kitchen…or Tropical Smoothie Cafe…or elevators…or any other place with music with strangers around…cuz when I tell the teacher “she really dances all the time” I’d like her to not think I’m a liar :).


Recently, she’s really grown into her love of the barre. To her, it is a giant swinging device where she can kick her feet onto the mirror and hang like a monkey. Hopefully someday she’ll learn it’s a place where dreams go to die…errr I mean…you really work on your turnout and core strength and junk (in other words, I hated barre work).

During the stretching portion of the class the teacher tells Emma to pull her foot up and “Slap peanut butter” on the bottom of her foot and then tap it on her nose tummy and funny other places…I caught her doing this in her crib on the monitor last night. They also call their feet “ducks” and Emma just quacks. Second position= “big ducks” so Emma just really let’s it belt…QUACKKKK.

There’s usually 4 kiddos in the class, but yesterday, it was Emma’s first private lesson…can I just laugh at the insanity of that for a second to think that maybe there are kids out there who legit have private dance lessons at 2 years old? This was a happy accident.

Girlfriend loves it so much whenever I tell her its time to get dressed she asks me if we’re putting on a “tutu” for dance class…I mean, cmon. Just loving this whole mom of girls thing (soccer and swimming are great too Luke…but tutus and tights really is my jam).

We’re still working on letting mom just chill in the corner, document inconspicuously and not have to participate in the slightest. That’s really my end goal…just to sit…and watch…that’s basically my goal in all portions of parenting…to SIT AND WATCH.

Loving this season of life right now y’all…these kids are a gem.

As always, follow along this journey with us @thegoggindiaries.


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