2016 365 Project: Year in Review


…Ok…I get that it’s February 12th…and that everyone was doing their “Year in review” posts about oh….6 weeks ago, but I finally found a phone app that would do this ALL FOR ME…so in truth, I believe the wait was worth it. We could also say that for once my procrastination just really paid off and God rewarded my laziness, or we could just say I stumbled upon the right app at the right time…either way, I’m super excited to have this!

When I decided to start the #goggin365 project last year, I truly believed I would give up…welp, right about the middle of February. I also didn’t realize last year was a leap year and it honestly should have been #goggin366, but let’s all just agree to overlook that little detail and applaud my tenacity for sticking with it. Now we’re already 6 weeks into year two and I haven’t given up yet!

Now, it’s one of my favorite items on my “to-do list”. Somedays…it’s the only thing on my “to-do list” aside from “pick child up, drop child off, feed both children, wash maybe both children, perhaps wash children clothes, try and remember to feed self…oh and TAKE A PHOTO FOR YOUR #GOGGIN#365 PROJECT…and maybe snapchat…and maybe continue catching up on Sister Wives (DEEZ BETCHES BE CRAZY I SWEAR, ANYONE ELSE KNOW MORE INFO ON THAT WHOLE MARY GOT CATFISHED SITUATION?!?!).”

Some of these moments are highlights of our exciting 2016 adventures…some of them are really gross like when Emma was so snotty the boogers just fell out of her nose because even gravity couldn’t help her out…some of them are not so exciting and remind me of tantrums the minions threw…some of them are blurry (oops)…some of them are videos…but all of them are things that actually happened this year and for my terrible memory, I’ll love and treasure this for as long as youtube exists (which better be forever, because I depend on that sucker for a lot of video hosting).


It’s also super amazing to see how much Emma’s hair has grown in a year?!!? We went from buzzcut baby to John Lennon shag in a span of 12 months…that’s hair magic folks.

Are any of y’all doing a fun 365 or 52 week photo challenge? I love me some instagram scanning session so leave your username and I’d love to follow along with you!


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