Decision 2017.

Nope, I’m not going to word vomit about our current political climate. Or look back on the great election catastrophe of 2016, cuz ew, simply put, EW….I’m talking about another big decision…one that has plagued my mind for the last few weeks…one that is incredibly important to us here, in newly 4 years old toddler land.



Now…I know…this sounds really stupid.

But y’all, it’s been a debate.


All the moms of some of Luke’s school buddies have banded together to try and work the system to make sure everyone is in the same class for their last year of school together. How many options could there actually be? Is this really important? Have you really resorted to caring about this THIS much? Yes….yes I have.

To answer all those questions.

3. There are three options for him. Which is just two too many, give me one choice…and just toss them all in one room like a WWF death match of learning and snot. Theres two four day options and then the mega five day option. Just enough options to send my head into a tizzy.

Is this really that important? Probably not..the kid will make friends with an ant and be fine, but I have fears of him being the only one not in the classroom with the rest of his buddies and I lazily don’t want to deal with those emotions. IF someone would like to work through that with Luke on my behalf, just send me an email, happy to hand that over to ya.

On top of all this, the littlest princess is keyed up to go to school next year as well. And because the universe has a way of pointing and laughing at us, Emma misses the cut off for the three day program by one day…one day y’all…one day. Can we get a group eye roll on this one? She’s currently downstairs watching Mother Goose Club for the 8,000th time so these will probably be her people and she’ll be just fine, but CMON. Side note: to my fellow Mother Goose Club suffering moms…the latest season they just released with these kids and their weird songs and voices? That seashell song? “How Many Seashells??!?!!” I can’t. CAN’T.


If you’re curious, we did make a decision. Homeboy is going five days a week next year and we’re just going to hope for the best that he doesn’t get burned out and that my house can handle the two extra days of “oh so precious craft pieces” that come home EVERYDAY.

“Oh honey, this is so beautiful! I’m going to hang it up right away!!” smiles sweetly…backs up and opens the trash can lid to dispose of the 10th small white paper with only three pencil marks on it for the week. 


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