I’m still talking about our Disney trip.

I can’t help it y’all. It’s been rainy and dreary for what seems like an eternity. I forget what the sun looks like. I can’t recall what sky the color is actually supposed to look like…so I am spending too much time reliving the past and daydreaming about sunshiney excursions again. It also helps me forget about the giant poop storm that is going on in the real world these days…it’s legit just a poop storm people, can we all agree to just call it that? Poop storm. It’ll catch on, #poopstorm2017 will be a thing.

So yes, I am still talking and dreaming about our Disney trip :). I know, you’re bored by me already. But, I promise not to become one of those ladies who has the giant Mickey Mouse clock in her house with the moving tail…I just can’t seem to quit you oh wonderful, magical Disney vacation.

I am also practicing selective memory…I am forgetting about the exhaustion, toddler moods, cost, and crowds, and focusing on the happier times…the smiles and giggles and the sun….oh the sun…please return to me…PLEASE.

We have over two hours of video footage from our week long trip, and because I have the attention span of a gnat (I’m assuming they have short attention spans cuz they’re small annoying bugs, but wouldn’t it be fascinating if a scientist knew that a gnat could focus on one thing for like an hour and blow all of our minds? maybe just my mind…let’s stay on topic), I trimmed it down for myself to enjoy easier on the regular. I also have two horribly long versions that I will use as a form of child torture in the future should the occasion arise…

“Oh you’re going to sass me? Sit down and watch this hour long video of you having fun (which you are not having right now) in the sunshine and FEEL THE AGONY”.

It just makes me smile :).

Hope y’all are having a fun Monday and aren’t stuck in the vortex of grey and unfortunate clouds like we are here in Virginia. It’s almost as if mother nature is also depressed about the giant ear wax looking figure now living in a really white house down the road from me. He’s the color of ear wax y’all. Poop storm and Ear Wax Trump are now things.

Happy Monday.

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