I think my 3 year old has a girlfriend.

Look at that face…he’s a real lady killer…APPARENTLY.

I’ve always joked that Luke loves the ladies (I should probably stop joking about it…because it is actually fact, COLD HARD FACT), ever since he was a baby he was super fascinated by the blonde bubble guppy Deema and has yet to turn back. He loves all the blonde princesses…sorry Belle and Jasmine…but without your hair the color of the sunset…he just doesn’t have time for you apparently, he’s got a type already at 3, someone help us.

At Disney, he was so taken with Rapunzel he couldn’t really control himself…or form words…so he just did his weird silly dance and wooed her with his moves, but wouldn’t get close to her…He got so nervous around all the other ones he just told the same story about Grave Digger the monster truck…he’s consistent at least.

But even on a day to day basis…Luke will tell you “he’s a girl fan”…because he likes girls…”not boys” although if you start naming some of his friends that are boys he’ll change his tune pretty quickly…

Luke: “Oh yea…I like those friends, but only those”

Mom: “What about Daddy? Daddys a boy”

Luke: “Yea, I like daddy, but I’m really just a girl fan…cuz I’m a fan of girls”

Mom:….”k”…face palm

It’s getting more intense. Theres a girl in his class whom has been in his class for two years now, and we’ll…she’s the top of his list of “girl fan” favorites. At the dinner table the other night Luke told me how he missed her so much at Disney World and wished she was there so they could ride the tea cups together and hold hands and how delightful that would be…I nearly choked on my meatball sub it was so precious and scary all at the same time.

At the class Christmas sing-a-long the two stood next to each other in the back making each other giggle the entire time. At one point she even hid behind him when she was nervous and he patted her on the back and told her it was OK….UM WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

It’s cute now…but boy…simmer down. I am not ready for you to become the class Casanova and get phone calls from teachers that you’re canoodling on the playground…

Wanna know the best part of this whole toddler romance? They have the same birthday and were born in the same hospital…these two have probably been sending cosmic baby signals to each other since the hospital nursery…I’m doomed. DOOMED I TELL YA.



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