I did it! Yes, ME.

Luke just completed his first year of preschool. Let’s use the term “completed” loosely because it’s not as if he had a curriculum or anything he had to “Accomplish” to move on to the next class…only thing he had to do was show up, not bite other kids and get kicked out, and to have his mom pay his tuition on time. So really, the one person who completed the first year was ME.

Snacks on the right day everytime? YOU DID IT GIRL.

Dressed up for the appropriate theme days? THAT WAS YOU, SKIDOOSH.

Sent teacher gifts that didn’t suck? OH YEA.

Dropped him off on time and was never late for pick up? ROCK STAR STATUS.

Never got called to come pick the kid up for poop? PRAISE!!

Kept every piece or artwork he brought home? EVEN THE BAD ONES.

Even made friends with some of the other moms in the class? GO ME!

Man…I had a good year. Where’s the champagne…let’s celebrate!

…a picture with me as a thank you? FAT CHANCE.

In truth, I am REAL SAD, Luke’s first year is over. Not just because I have selfishly enjoyed those two mornings every week, but because it is good for HIS SOUL.


Luke basically requires a 24/7 cruise director. He asks for a run down of the day every morning, and if he isn’t satisfied with my plans he’ll repeatedly ask me “whose coming over?” or “…and then where are we going”…No where child, you’re staying in the house with me…your mother…whom you love…ENJOY IT.

School is basically a cruise ship for toddlers that is permanently docked. ALL ABOARD YOU KIDS.


He goes to school…he runs…he paints with his feet…he interacts with friends…he apparently SHARES…he comes home really sweaty and tired and then he naps…it’s a beautiful arrangement. I send him to a school full of people who care for him and he comes home tired and jonesin for a snack, it’s a great deal. Seriously on the way out, he’s like Ronald Regan waving bye to all the teachers…

I’m anxious already about what the fall will bring as he quickly learns that his best buddy will be in a different class…I can only hope he finds another pal who shares his affinity for hot wheels and doesn’t mind being bossed….cuz there’s certainly an overabundance of toddlers who enjoy being told what to do by their peers…oh, help us.


His school ends the year with a “musical” and a picnic for the parents. Luke’s class sang “Twinkle Twinkle” and just like we saw at the Christmas¬†sing-a-long….he has never met a tambourine he didn’t like to shake or a song he didn’t like to sing for other people. He’s enthusiasm for those words…just tug at your heart strings. Give the kid a grammy.

I can’t say enough about all of the great things this school has done for Luke and how much everyone circled around him when we hit some rough patches and legit contemplated pulling him out.

To all you mamas facing a summer of kiddos home all the time, we can do it…we can do it…we can do it…we can drink through it…we can do it…WE CAN DO IT.

oh look Emma was there too.


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