Great White Shark, Great White Shark.

I am constantly attempting to get Luke to tell me the things he does at school.

This is how our exchanges at pick up often go…

Luke get’s in the car all happy and jolly and often sweaty and I dig right in. Tell me all the things tiny one.

Mom: Watcha do at school today!?

Luke: Nuffing. (nothing but ya know with the f sound)

Mom: You did nothing fun today? You LOOK like you had fun! Look at all this fun stuff in your bag…

Luke: I didn’t do anything…but so and so got in trouble and wasn’t cleaning up and so she had to sit in time-out.

Mom: Oh, that’s terrible, BUT WHAT DID YOU SING TODAY? Did you read any fun stories? Did you do any artwork? Did you play with your buddies? (I realize this is multiple questioning at one time but I hope one will stick)

Luke: some songs

Mom: Can you sing your favorite one for me?

Luke: I don’t want to.



Mom: (Hands snack back to ungrateful sweaty toddler and drives home.)

But today…I GOT THE GOODS. And he didn’t stop as soon as I busted out my phone either. I knew my phone was limited on space, so I just hoped to make it through to at least a verse and a chorus…but this one came with hand motions and enthusiasm. He also told me about some snake song he was learning which I think is for the end of the year picnic musical. GOODIE GOODIE GOODIE!

Also…he is ridiculously sweaty…thank you preschool, NOW NAP. 🙂



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