You’ll turn into goldfish.

Today, we took a picnic to have lunch with Pete at his office. Knowing my kid’s eating habits (aka granola bars and rice cakes only), I opted out of the peanut butter sandwich and just packed a collection of snacky snacks, cuz pinterest lunches aren’t on my agenda.


I threw in the usual suspects and then at the end threw in one of those bags from the 3 bag box of goldfish thinking…Pete would just keep it at work and snack on it for a few days.

This story seems really boring doesn’t it…

Wait. Wait. Wait.

We practically ate the whole bag. The. Whole. Bag. In less than an hour. 2 adults, 1 toddler, one baby. Bye bye bag.

The toddler still wasn’t finished on the way home though…so he munched on these crumbs of orange crackers of bliss for so long I just said “Man oh man, you eat so many of these things you’re gonna turn into a goldfish”…total mom moment…I’m trying to recover as I pluck more grey hairs from my older than dirt personality over here.

In turn….he said.



…and that folks, is why I shouldn’t use silly phrases with a toddler because he takes things TO HEART. I tell him that if he eats too many goldfish…he’ll turn into a goldfish…and the sweet little nugget doesn’t pause for a second to question my judgement, just believes it. Why he doesn’t just believe me when I say that dirt is disgusting, spitting is rude, and feet don’t go on the table…I dunno, but this…this he believes.

We then proceeded to have a 10 minute long conversation about silly expressions and how if he were to be a goldfish he would want to be one of the ones in the rainbow colored box…or the pretzel kind.

That’s Monday for ya. Don’t eat so many goldfish, or you’ll become one.

Good thing they’re so delicious.

running away so he’s not eating because he’s a goldfish because he ate too many.


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