The Doll Kind.

My daughter loves anything she can snuggle. She has a token move where she holds it out then pulls it to one side and lays her check on it and just grins. Sometimes she’ll stroll around the house this way and I often wonder how she’s able to stay upright, but she’s mastered the “side snuggle strut” if we wanna call it that.

There is no shortage of dolls or fluffy things in my house…dog included. But like y’all know, I enjoy a toy with a message. When the floor is covered in legos and hot wheels it’s always great to glance over at certain toys that not only bring my kiddos joy, but help those who aren’t fortunate enough to have bins full of stuffed animals or no shortage of 100 hot wheels in the bath tub alone.

I came across The Doll Kind a few months ago.


The Doll Kind was created by two moms on a mission: To empower and inspire a generation of children to create a kinder world, one heart at a time.

We have created soft and huggable dolls to team up with your children to be a force for good. Each doll comes with a bag of heart tokens that are given away as an act of kindness. Plus, for each doll purchased a doll will be donated to a child less fortunate.

One of the best pieces of trivia about this company that I love the most…is that it started all because of a photo of her daughter covered in white paint that went viral. This company wasn’t started because everyone thought the photo of her daughter was hilarious (which it is, gave me a good chuckle)…but because people were so judgey and critical (internet cowards)… and realized that we aren’t born being mean, but we’re born innocent and kind and she wanted to create a product that would harness kindness in adults.

I post photos of my kids on a daily basis…like yesterday I posted a photo of Emma at the doctor office playing with the needle disposal box because some nit wit placed it right above the exam table at perfect level for my kid to mess with it. I’m sure people would have some THANGS to say about it, but luckily my kid hasn’t ended up in a “breaking of the internet” type shenanigan…yet…but if and when that may happen, I’d like to think i’d respond as heroically as creating a company which offers new toys to children, but let’s be honest, I’d most likely just fill the comment bored with poop and knife emoji’s and be on my way.

These ladies, took it to a way different level.

How does it all work? Well…first they need our help.

The Doll Kind was created by 2 moms on a mission: To inspire and empower children to create a kinder world, one heart at a time. Each doll comes with heart tokens with special phrases on them, meant to be given as an act of kindness. For every doll sold, another is donated to a child less fortunate. Available on Kickstarter now through May 14th.


The Doll Kind’s kickstarter campaign is in full swing. If you’re interested in helping get this company off the ground, visit their campaign here: CLICK HERE TO BE A KIND TOY GIVING PERSON. 

The Doll Kind was not only a positive response to some unkind words surrounding a viral photo. It became a hope for something more. A hope for a better world for our children to grow up in. One that is kinder, more considerate, and filled with children that are empowered to do good, no matter their background or circumstance.

Y’all are a bunch of the lucky few. Loyal, wonderful, and giving Goggin Diaries readers have a special 10 % off discount code to use after their campaign ends. Use the code from May 15th- June 15th: CODE GOGGIN10.

I can’t wait to see Emma toddling around the house with one of these sweet guys under her arm. The “side snuggle strut” is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

Follow along on their journey on Instagram over at

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