Hello. It’s Me.

Hello from the other side….

I’m sitting here after just housing one of my kids chocolate easter bunnies feeling a whole bunch of pathetic so I thought I would do something extra productive and blow the dust off this here bloggy blog. PFFFFFTTTTT….that’s me blowing the dust.

I keep telling myself I have nothing fun to write about. That our lives are in neutral right now and that If I write about good things I’ll jinx it and we’ll go back to having to pretend to fall asleep in Luke’s room and sneak out like a ninja like we were doing a month ago.

So I’ll give some general overviews…

  1. I thought Luke had a bully. It turns out Luke does NOT have a bully…but that he is a nark…kinda. We went through some vicious weeks where Luke refused, screamed, kicked, pulled, and did NOT wanna go to school. Drop off was becoming like a scene from the exorcist and the actual thought of pulling him from school seemed appealing to me. So, I did the parenty thing and emailed his teacher…this long email about how Luke has said this girl was being mean to him, but I wasn’t sure the true story so I wanted her to do some recon for me…I had this major vision in my head of my sweet innocent little guy being picked on by the overbearing bully…but in reality…Luke doesn’t like it when his friends aren’t following the rules and she doesn’t like to be told to follow the rules….Luke is now learning how to gently encourage his friends to follow directions…if only he was this adamant about following the rules at home…ammiright??LGP_5217
  2. Luke still sleeps on the floor…we went through a week where he was sleeping next to his bed under the window and I thought the next clear step was to be back in the bed, but now we’re back by the door again, oh and I gave pacis’ back, because I am weak.
  3. Luke is in undies at nap time and goes to the bathroom ALONE. Thinking back to the deep dark depression of potty training this summer I thought this day would just about never come…but the potty gods have reigned on us…and there is a pull-up free sleep situation in our future…however homie still can’t seem to manage the pant-pulled-up activity afterwards…but it makes me laugh to watch him scuffle around the house sometimes…snort.
  4. Emma still isn’t talking. She did say puppy yesterday. But still grunts like Helen Keller 99% of her day. However she does know where her belly button (which she says bzzzuzbzbzbzbzb) and nose is.LGP_5268
  5. Found out Emma is afraid of pigs. Went to a local farm and thought she would find them delightful, but clung to me with her baby death grip and screamed if they snorted. Perhaps this means she’ll hate Peppa Pig like I do….stupid pigs.
  6. Oh, Luke won’t stop talking about Christmas. Hard pill to swallow when he has no concept that it is 8 months away…tough break having your birthday three weeks after Christmas…
  7. Took Luke to the D.C. United Home Opener and got to visit the players family room and it was very clear that his mother isn’t cool enough because all the other kids (player kids) had really swanky, hip hair cuts and nike shoes, and Luke rocked his bowl cut and stride rites. He’ a confident little sucker though because he had no issue snatching their soccer balls…and cupcakes…and balloons.
  8. I told y’all Lauren B. was going to win this season of the bachelor, TOLD YA.

That’s about all I got y’all.

I’m so talented I juggle toddlers.


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