Luke turns 3, I cleaned one plate, It was great.

I googled a bunch of places to hold Luke’s birthday party. My main focus, aside from it NOT being in my house, was…let’s be honest, that I didn’t need to refinance my house to hold a three year olds party.

I know what you’re thinking…you don’t need to throw him a party…he’s only 3, what’s he going to remember about this party…and who said this had anything to do with Luke? This is about me people, ME. I wanted him to have a fun party, to have fun pictures to remember it and to watch him frolic with all his tiny buddies, and it was super.

Northern Virginia is filled with bounce houses, and indoor gym spots, and they all charge you about $500 to clean up trash for you and have your kids eat pizza under their roof with the risk of them puking in a plastic bubble that they will clean up…my kid hates pizza…so we nixed that plan.

I was about 2 seconds away from booking him a party at a lego place (which is still cool…although he doesn’t really LOVE legos…so that woulda made a whole ton of sense), when I came across this place located in an unknown corner of town without even a sign on the front door. We love you hidden toddler speak easy.

When we went to visit and she told me we could do an art project where we paint with hot wheels cars and there was no mess for me to clean up, I practically threw my CC number at her. TAKE IT ALL.

This was the first party we opted to invite some little people from Luke’s class. Only one of them showed up…but hey…that shows that at least SOMEONE in class likes him right?!


When I asked Luke what he thought his art looked like…to try and make sure he doesn’t think it looks like something a serial killer would…he said a Christmas Tree…think we’re ok…


10 kids of all ages had a great time, there were limited tears, no puke or poop, and my hodge podge cake that I made (by made I mean bought a sheet cake at Wegmans and put toys and candy on it) turned out well enough that no one laughed at it, KA-CHOW. Luke’s been sustaining on cake since the party…his blood has solidified into icing at this point.

I’m struggling with Luke being 3, sniff sniff. I can’t help but think that he’s never going to be little again…and that his lil high squeaky voice is going to get deeper and he’s going to be taller, and more coordinated, and things like blowing on his lips when we give kisses won’t make him giggle as hard…and I go elbow deep in a bag of Doritos, but then we’re on day 5 of him waking up at 5:30 and I think growing older probably has it’s perks.

For his actual birthday, I did the Nick Jr. birthday calls where Blaze and Paw Patrol called him to wish him happy birthday…he kept wanting to tell them about the new tool box he got and didn’t seem to care to listen to what they had to say…typical.

Seriously though…why is this happening…who can help me…I’m about to surrender and call someone to put sound proof padding on his door…DARKNESS MEANS SLEEPY NOT WAKEY.

Happy birthday buddy boy!



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