Where’d you find that? Instagram y’all.

Do you shop on Instagram? Did you know that was even possible? Are you ready to learn about the cut throat world of Instagram shopping and find out some of my utter faves (smiley emoji with the hands up in glee)? Tuck in, let’s go.

I’m not a frequent online shopper. I love me some aisle browsing and feeling and seeing things in person before I buy them…I also love the excuse to leave the house…it’s a win win, but the trend these days is to completely even by-pass the online shopping cart and simply “buy in the comments”.

Small business owners are taking to Instagram to sell limited quantities of high-quality, unique items. Sometimes these items are sold in “auction” style, in other words, first come first serve. Sometimes retailers will simply post one size and it’s aggravating, but makes those wins feel even better…or perhaps that’s just me :). I won’t even get into the world of selling and buying items on Facebook…because it makes no sense to me, but I have a friend who is a master at it and if it’s a topic of interest…I’ll request (force) her to share with me her tips…cuz she’s a facebook shopping guru.

When looking for a unique item for any of my kids, or for a special gift, or just something DIFFERENT, my first stop is Instagram. Below are just some of my favorite shops for childrens clothing, housewares, and just things that are cool:

For the Kids.

  1. James and Lottie  : I drool over their rosebud swing outfits with the really large bows…DROOL. And that little zoo print romper? Guys, their stuff is so classic and sweet, gives me a toothache…Clueless style.
  2. Smocked Auctions: It’s not even that I love their smocked outfits so much, but the other items they throw in on occasion are amazing. My mom recently scored (yes my mom has figured out how to buy on instagram, meaning YOU can do it too) this precious flamingo swimsuit that Emma will wear everyday this summer… I’m also dying over the buffalo check romper…check back for the update when this post says (I also bought the buffalo check romper in a fit of weakness)…
  3. Scarlett Rose Designs: Floral flutter neck rompers. That’s all you need to know.
  4. Elizabeth Layne Heriloom: $$$$$$$$$$. I can afford nothing from them, but want it all, if I had scored the Powerball this woulda been my money dump.
  5. Wren and James: Toddler sized pinafores, pass the tea and scones cuz they are SO cute.
  6. Stitchy Fish: This company actually has a store in Alabama, which is where apparently every good children’s store is located…can we give VA some love? However, I’ll probably never go there and so oogling at their goodies online is the second best bet. Equally cute boys and girl things, but again no Powerball money so…womp womp.
  7. Hucklebones: Tagline “Beautiful British clothing for girls 3 months to 10 years”…well I’m sold.

Other ones I will throw out, but my list is getting too long it’s embarrassing: Little English Clothing, Beaufort Bonnet Company, Little Lambs and Ivy, and Pistol and Arrow (the dumbo print dress…I just can’t)…with dozens dozens more of other good ones.

Toys, etc.:

  1. Cuddle and Kind: We already know how strongly I feel about these toys. I LOVE them and with my son kicking the paci to the curb recently, Everest the penguin has really stepped up big lately. Valentines day is just around the corner and nothing says “I love you” more than a squishy snuggle with a toy who feeds those in need.
  2. E + Me: They carry toys, clothes, and other great things, but the toys they post are so cute and different. Could really have used those good manner flash cards about 10 times yesterday alone.
  3. Swell Forever: Not toys, but blankets that I personally want in adult size. Theres the option to write sweet personalized notes on the tags, how GREAT is that?

Get in my house:

  1. Von Jet: Large, wood cut out silhouettes…I want, want, want. WANT. I want silhouettes everywhere my eye can see, and I want them large and well done and pretty in my house.
  2. Salty Bison: If I wasn’t so worried that my house is already on the cusp of being filled with too many things with words on them, I’d buy the whole lot. The “These are the Days” and “He is still good” wood signs give me all the heart eye emojis. NEED MORE WALLS…or just for my hallway wall to get painted so I can attack that canvas with all of these thangs.
  3. Ritzy Reba: I’ve been coveting her cars prints for my sons room for probably 6 months now…her cute take on classic characters brings whimsy and just makes me smile. LOVE her stuff.

I am always scanning for fun new finds, got a favorite that I need to know about? Tell me, tell me, tell me! Oh and don’t forgot to follow along @thegoggindiaries, XOXO!

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