I guessed Reindeer. We got Bells.

Today was Luke’s school preschool holiday sing-a-long.

Oh, the happy feelings.

His school sent home a sing-a-long sheet a few weeks ago and I’ve been attempting to get Luke to give me some pre-concert shows ever since…unsuccesfully. I knew they had made reindeer t-shirts out of his big ole foot and hands so I attempted to get him to sing all of the reindeer songs because…I figured that’s what he was singing.

They sang Jingle Bells….so I guessed wrong.

Hinders Family Boy Xmas Sweater On…ITS GAME TIME.


They walked the kiddos down the aisle of the church sanctuary and he was at the end of the line with a proud lil smile on his face and reindeer ears on his head…and in that moment he looked to be about 6 years old and I just wanted to ball him up and freeze him so he stayed this little forever (but then he smacked me in his classroom because we didn’t have time to see Santa after we waited for him to see him and Luke kept running around so we peaced out…but clearly thats MY fault…and I remembered that he could grow up a bit more and I’d be fine).

They only sang one song because some of the kiddos just were not having it with being away from their parents in the same room (Luke stood next to a little boy who was less than thrilled)…but he rocked those jingle bells and really put all of his energy into those “HEYS”…Give him the Tony now. Because this performance deserved a standing ovation.

The worst part (aside from him doing the whole show with his FLY DOWN…oops)…my phone decided it didn’t want to record the ACTUAL song part (F-ing technology)…so I have only about 30 seconds of his shining and glowing performance to share with the world.



As I was letting his public smack and outburst at school get me down when we got home, I opened his bag and inside was a tiny white bag with a sweet little ornament with Luke’s handprint made into snowmen all over it…and I just about spit holiday spirit outta my eye balls and affection for this school….but that public outburst at school sucked…don’t do that again kid. Kisses.

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  1. Laura says:

    OMG! This, this is adorable!

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