An open letter…

to the jerk kid who kept hitting my kid at the bounce house.

Look, I get it.

You’re what…3? Life’s hard for a three year old…

You get told what to do like all the time, but you ignore it 99% of the time, so it really can’t be that bad.

You get to throw tantrums in public and people basically just ignore you…cept YOU probably get catered to as can be seen in your atrocious behavior in public. I bet that’s fun.

Your diet consists of chicken nuggets and mac n cheese and frozen waffles…must be hard.

People bathe you…and clean up after you…and you get to nap still…NAPS ARE A REQUIREMENT KID.

But like I said…it must be hard being you.

So you take out your frustrations in a physical way.

Apparently, my child bouncing next to you in the bounce house annoyed you to the point of whacking him on the cheek unprovoked more than once. I assumed my son did something to you the first time…

But when you did it again and your not-so-present mama wasn’t around to tell you to chill the F out…I hope you felt the rage from inside my eyeballs.

And apparently your mom finally perked up when she heard us shouting “not nice, we do not hit” as my son came over crying. She must be in this situation a lot. She seemed to be a “real pro” at getting you to ya know…not apologize or anything nice like that. Eye roll.

It went against my nature to discipline or tell another child what to do. But it appears you are in desperate need of it, and that makes me sad for you.

I know my child will probably act as you do as some point some day, and honestly, I appreciate you giving me this teaching opportunity to share with him why we don’t hit others, keep our hands to ourselves, and that is doesn’t feel good to be hit. I just hope you get to learn this lesson some day soon…before our paths cross again…and the firey stare of death comes out of me again.



How do you hit this precious smirk? HOW?! LOOK HOW FRIENDLY HE LOOKS. Photo: Lauren Shannon Photography

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