Thankful for Granola Bars.

Crickets….empty space….spider webs…tiny mouse furniture…the gross mucinex mucous phlegm family…all these could be things living in my empty brain when it comes to what I should be writing on this blog.

I could tell you about all of the fun, festivey fall things we’ve been doing. But that would be kinda a lie, because aside from making a big leaf pile and burying the kids in it and shamelessly setting up my tripod for a family photo…my brains basically jumped right into Christmas.


Oops. Sorry Thanksgiving, I love your pie’s, but once Halloween hits, my fall activity tank is overflowing and begging for dat Christmas janx.

I’m guilty of already putting up a Christmas tree (it’s fake though…which should count for something, but apparently everyone on my snapchat is all up in arms about it….grinches)…and for dragging the kids to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony…this would be 2, but we were too lazy to drive the hour drive to see another one…Thanksgiving spirit won out on that one…or just that I wanted to watch Inside Out with the toddler…probably that too.



I’ve been attempting to teach my son about the concept of being “thankful”. Every night at bedtime we do our prayers and it’s mostly been just a list of things he’s thankful for that day, it’s length depends on how badly he wants to delay bedtime (kid gets a gold medal in bedtime delaying). If we were to go around the table on Thanksgiving day and were to ask Luke and the baby things they are thankful for…I think it would look something like this…

thankful graphic

Basically my kids are thankful for junk food, television, toys, and making a mess…who can blame them :).

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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