Luke the Dinosaur makes his Preschool Debut. Oh…and gangster dancing.

Luke had his first Pre-School Halloween Parade today at school.

I gotta tell you…



Not because the production value was through the roof or anything…a speaker in the window from the music room is a far cry from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but it really took NOTHING for me to be so happy from my toes to my eyelashes just seeing him in all his dinosaur glory this morning.

LGP_2757 LGP_2760 LGP_2773

It lasted a total of mmmmmm maybe 5 minutes. But the second I saw that fluffy little green dinosaur with his head hung around his neck because he doesn’t like it, I was just SO happy that he was able to do this. That he was getting to experience these fun things and that I was able to be there attempting to take a video while also taking pictures all at the same time, while also attempting to make sure Emma didn’t choke on the thousand of rice cakes I gave her to stay happy.

looks like hes saying the pledge of allegiance…what he’s really doing is telling a girl that our car is parked in the parking lot…

A couple of kids started crying as soon as they saw there moms and weren’t immediately swept up and reunited with them. Not my kid though…should this make me sad that he’s not THAT sad to be be with me?? OR do I feel blessed that my kid has his emotions in check and is too cool for mom when it comes to school. I’m sending him to school to be away from me…so i’m going with the second option.

…sorry for all the camera click sounds.

In addition to this amazing video of him simply walking, holding a rope (it’s a bit reminiscent of the scene in Shawshank when they scurry the new inmates into the jail for the first time…but it’s fine…safety first and all)…

…I give you Luke’s newest and grooviest dance moves to his new favorite, child appropriate song…Turnt Down for What….yes he’s dancing in his underwear…he’s a free spirited child.

This kid, he’s a charmer. And our house is now official clear of ghosts thanks to him.

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