Caught creepin on the kid and the baby is standing up…finally.

Things that are a part of the daily normal now…

Emma is pulling up to standing and she’ll stop randomly in the middle of the floor to show the world her best “downward facing dog” yoga baby pose before continuing on her way to find the latest dust bunny or harmful choking device on the floor.


She’s a constant babbling little peanut who has said “bye bye” and “bath”…once…but it counts…theres potential she also says “that” when she points at everything, demanding you tell her way it is…or it’s just “dat”…i’ll take either.

She also apparently has MASTERED her “demon baby whose annoyed and can’t help but show you face”.

Exhibit A:

and B:
and C:


And D:


Hide yo kids.

Luke has a few funny new phrases as well…

“Don’t make the sun too dark…or too bright”

” I want to watch McQueen…FOREVER” I know you do child…

“I’m just…” insert anything that will delay having to eat or take a nap. Favorite ones are “I’m just running!” or “I’m just playing!” or “I’m just looking at this tiny dirt ball in the corner” or “I’m just hurling Emma down the stairs”….all normal things.

“In a little bit” or “In a minute”….again…delaying life. At least he’s polite about it right?


I’ve desperately used toys to try and pull information out of him about his days at school. I am shamelessly making Elmo and Cookie Monster ask Luke to tell me a bit about his day…so far Elmo and Cookie Monster have discovered they read some book about “Tiny Tim” who went swimming in the water ( ????) and that Paige wouldn’t let him play on the monkey bars with him…however the school doesn’t appear to have monkey bars…so I find his facts to be disingenuous.

I also may be stalking the schools shutterfly site way too much…desperately looking for inside information of what is going on inside those walls…the other day as I was dropping him off he said “and then I see you on the playground…and you drove away”…”Um…what?”…changes the subject to paw patrol quickly…

I’m hoping he’s not really caught on to me creeping on him on the playground and that’s just a random phrase…but the chances are…I’m caught. But if they’d just put a camera in the classroom…I could tone it down, ya know?!?!

That’s life.

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