The toy your littles NEED this holiday season.

Luke thinks that Christmas is a theme park we can just “go to”. We made the mistake of telling him he could maybe put things on his “Christmas list”…so that we could maybe diminish tantrums in stores…and now he think’s it’s a place.

The other night we were reading him “The Christmas Story” to maybe try and push some knowledge and understanding in his brain about Christmas…and he just kept repeating “Baby Jesus goes to Christmas”…Oy.

Before every sleep cycle (nap or bedtime) he says “One more sleep til we go to Christmas…” no child…more like 68. 68 sleeps until Christmas’s basically tomorrow…now go to sleep and dream about the purple monkey and the lion that you keep talking about visits you in your dreams…

However, all of this Christmas talk has me trying to narrow down my ideas of what the kids want for Christmas…aka what I want them to have…there is one thing I’ve known I want my kids to have for a LONG time and it’s not just another toy or stuffed animal, although they are adorabllleeeee and I get the heart eye emoji when I think about my kids playing with them and snuggling them (let’s be honest they’ll probably spend most of their toy lives being catapulted into the sky).


I came across these dolls designed by Cuddle and Kind a couple of months ago. I immediately showed them to my mom shouting “EMMA NEEDS ONE”.

cuddle+kind is a social endeavor created by Jennifer and Derek Woodgate from Milton, Ontario. As parents of three young children, they believe every child should have enough food to eat and an opportunity to thrive. When they saw a documentary on the devastating impact of childhood hunger on millions of children around the world, it inspired them to help.

For every cuddle+kind doll you purchase, they will provide 10 meals to children in need through their giving partners, World Food Program USA* and Children’s Hunger Fund.

Their goal is to provide 1 million meals in one year.

Doesn’t that just give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings? Such a special treat to give to a lil tyke this holiday season knowing that you are doing more than just contributing to the “lovey pile” on the bed.


Each doll is hand knit with premium natural cotton, is non-toxic and safe, embroidered by hand, and is huge at 20″ tall (I can’t wait to see Emma trying to lug around this doll that is only 9″ shorter than her). They also have their own personalities, stories, prints, birthdays, they’re the newest member of your family that reminds you every day to take a moment and be thankful and to serve others.


I can’t wait to see my kids snuggling these precious bundles of goodness and kindness. Imagine the teachable moments every time they want to lug it to the grocery store?

Luke has a list about a mile long of other toys and things he truly doesn’t need, but he and Emma needed these this Christmas, because 1 million littles all over the world can’t continue to go hungry.

Order yours today! 

*The Goggin Diaries is a proud brand ambassador for Cuddle + Kind.

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