Emma Hope ::12 Months::

My little peanut, strawberry haired, snuggly, squishy, smiley, little ray of sunshine…is one.


Today marks 53 weeks old….you’ve basically a senior citizen waiting in line for your medicare benefits to come through…Ok, that’s a little bit dramatic, but you’re one toddlin’ step away from no longer being a baby and I’m just not kosher with that.

I’m fairly certain you said your first actual word of “bath” the other day when we went to…take a bath. It could have just been your standard “bah” with a lisp on the end…but it sounded like bath…we were going TO the bath…so let’s just say you said bath.

12m2 12m3 12m4

You are very chatty. You also like to screech like a banshee if someone takes your toy. You are a big fan of pianos and things that play music. You boogie in your seat when you’re eating or when someones playing music. You have great moves lady.

12m5 12m6 12m7

You are frustrated by being left behind because you can’t tackle steps…but shhhhhh…steps are silly…stay on one level your whole life.

You’re a wiggly worm and find sitting still to be for peasants. You still love to eat anything and everything and if someone takes food away from you…you’ll let them know how you feel about it. You feel dissatisfied…that’s how you feel.

12m8 12m9

Your first birthday party was an opportunity for you to eat an entire tier of vanilla cake by yourself…and you took advantage of that opportunity. Any toy you got was quickly confiscated by the older sibling, but you enjoy blissful non-sharing time during his nap time…and when he’s at school.

You’re just the best, our little one year old.

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