Luke “the trombone slaying” Goggin.

My husband played the trombone in his high school marching band. There still remains a trombone in our closet. It never occurs to me that he will bust it out on a random evening to entertain the toddler…until he did…and it was hilarious.

Watching Luke attempt to play the trombone through giggles is just delightful. He’s actually fairly good…and by good I mean terrible and it sounds like dying cows, but he can make “the noise” and found ways to make different notes…somehow.

I apparently have some things to learn about trombones…specifically that the slidey thing is in fact called a “Slide” and not a “pump” as I termed it. WHATEVS.

Just gonna go sit by the phone and wait for the Ellen show to call us so she can have him on her show. I think he’d be a great guest. Yesterday at pick up one of the teachers called Luke ” a little man” as he waved and greeted everyone on the way to the car and turned around and shouted “SEE YOU THURSDAY” as we rolled away…He’s been dubbed the “class charmer” by his teacher…I hope that because he’s so friendly and not because he can manipulate and charm everyone to do as he wants…both are completely possible situations.

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