I have no idea why…we just do…OK?!

This past weekend, we told Luke we were going to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins.

We were pretty stoked. ( Me probably the larger portion of that we)

Me loves some big orange pumpkins.

I thought he’d be totes on board with this genius and super festive plan.

This is how he took it…

Me: “Luke we’re going to get pumpkins, arent you excited?!”

Luke: “Why?”


Luke: “I just wanna play cars”

I probably coulda used this opportunity to google and get the actual reasons of why we get and carve pumpkins…I actually have zero clue…I just assume everything at Halloween is the fault of those witches in Salem (this is probably wrong and I should crack a book once in awhile). This is why I don’t homeschool.

LGP_5657 LGP_5641 LGP_5671

But, I didn’t. I just forced him into the car with the promise of a bouncey house and a train ride and he demanded the “tiniest pumpkin” in the patch…wonderful. Great. Grand.

LGP_5598 LGP_5633

Sometimes Toddler’s think our world is weird…and don’t understand why we “just do things”…they ask the questions that make me feel dumb because I legit don’t know why. It’s funny to watch him take in the complexities of this world and try and wrap his ever expanding brain around all that jazz.

LGP_5690 LGP_5704

I’m sure the real doozies are about to come around Christmas time with this big jolly guy and his flying deer? What?!

I need books.

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