The first week…from Luke’s brain.

We just finished the first FULL week (psht…it’s only two mornings…let’s not be so dramatic) of preschool. HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND.

I don’t get daily updates about what Luke did during the day…or how it went…or if he was a good kid or a naughty devil…I sometimes try and creep on him when they’re on the playground before pick-up but it’s hard to see and figure out which lil head he actually is in the masses. I basically get nothing, but what the 2 year old tells me. And that requires NSA type translations.


Here are the fun things I’ve pieced together from his first week of school…

  • One of his friends “Wilfred” (fake name in case any of the moms find this lil site one day and then Luke never gets invited to parties or play dates…oy) threw sand out of the sandbox…onto Luke’s face…and then got in trouble. (This I believe 50% because Luke did have sand on his face and in his shoes…but whose to say who was the actual sand thrower in this situation….TBD).
  • Same kid, Wilfred, had an accident today…poor Wilfred.
  • He painted a blue and orange race track today (his shirts covered in paint…also a good sign he’s being honest)
  • He didn’t eat cheese the first day…K
  • He played with a giant fire truck puzzle but couldn’t find the police car puzzle…do they have one of those?
  • He can now apparently sing the ABC’s song. I’ve only been trying to teach him this for 2.5 years (aka his entire life), but two days in school and he sings it perfectly? FINE.
  • He sang the monster truck song to his class, but the “block kids” didn’t like it….those silly “block kids” have no clue of the musical stylings they are missing
  • There’s a puppet named Chester.
  • He plays with the green car every day
  • He never remembers what stories they read (probs cuz he wasn’t listening…duh)
  • On the first day, he was hiding in a basket on the playground (where is this basket??)
  • He has fun and wants to go back all the time.

Welp, we are off to a great start y’all. I drop him off and at the end of the day I wait patiently and anxiously to see if he emerges in the same outfit I sent him in…meaning the kid succeeding that eliminating himself in the “wall potties” as he calls them.

Thumbs ups all around.

I also went to my very first “PPA” meeting…I can’t even guys…I just can’t. I’m not ready for that yet. NO.

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