Emma Hope ::11 Months::

err….11 months and 9 days to be exact.


There are so many things about you at 11 months I want to remember. I want to remember the way you cross your ankles when you eat. The way you play with my necklace and twirl my hair when you’re tired. How you rub your ears and eyes when you’re sleepy. That you have an amazingly cute cry face and that you pull your mouth to one direction sometimes. I want to forget how you grind your teeth, but I want to remember how tiny your teeth are and that you have 8 already!

eh2 eh3 eh4 eh5

I want to remember that sneezing makes you laugh and making spit sounds makes you belly giggle. You have temper tantrums if you don’t get your own personal wash cloth to suck on in the bathtub. You finally started crawling and you don’t stop. You find all of the death traps in the room from wires, to tiny sticks or dirt, to vents. You love remotes and pushing buttons.

eh6 eh7 eh8 eh9 eh10

You don’t have a favorite food because you eat it all…I mean ALL of it. NEVER LOSE THIS. You really want to be able to pull up and get super grumptastic when you fail, but you keep trying, and that’s what matters.

eh11 eh12 eh13 eh14 eh16

You’re still very chill, easy going, and love to just be along for the ride. You think Gracie and your brother are the funniest and I just want to soak in all of your babyness for as long as it is here…don’t you dare start walking yet…DONT YOU DARE.

eh16 eh17 eh18 eh19

I’m so excited to hear you talk more. I can’t wait to hear how your little voice is going to sound and the personality behind it…that is if your brother ever actually lets you talk…we’ll work on it.

You’re just 21 days away from the big birthday…it’s amazing to think that at this time last year I had zero concept of you coming any time soon and spent most of my time just wishing you’d stay in as long as possible. Silly me, you knew how amazing and precious you were and that we needed to meet you that early morning on October 2nd…you’re the sweetest.

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