10 months and 30 days old.

It’s the eve of Emma’s 11 month “birthday”. Do you know how we are celebrating?

With a slice of ice cream cake because the tiny tot has finally started scooting forward with a vengeance. A VENGEANCE.

And you know what her favorite things to go after are? Vents. Chords. Bugs. Leaves….death traps mostly.

Where are my baby gates again? Oh right, they broke when the toddler learned to rip them from the wall or scale over them.

I’ve been coaxing this child into crawling for what seems like 3 months (that’s cuz that’s really how long it’s been). And as excited as I am for this little missy to get on the move and take on the world without getting vertigo from rolling around so much…i’m still contemplating handcuffing her to the table so she just sits still forever.

today she crawled into a hamper.
today she crawled into a hamper.

She’s toying with the idea of crawling on her chubby, knobby, knees, but for now, she’s content to army crawl through the hot wheels mine fields.

Emma also has a weird way of backing her way into sitting from crawlin…it’s unique…some may call it “strange”, she basically folds her booty up like a frog and just push back until she hits her booty…you so special.

I see the gears working behind those lil eyes about contemplating pulling up…I’m here to tell you to chill the flip out sister.

So…how exactly am I suppose to keep a crawling baby and toddler safe at the same time again? No, Like…i’m serious. HOW?!

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