Not my jam. Not…my…jam.

Yesterday my kid stood on top of his potty and shouted “IM PEEING”…as I stood in the kitchen observing the youngest one chow down on pot pie in all her chubby glory.


Earlier that day he just sat on the couch and looked at me with a smirk of smugness and just spits out “I just peed”…
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I won’t even go into the details of the weekend mishaps…but if you came in to contact with me the first things I probably said to you was “Hi, my kid pooped on the floor today” and went on with normal conversations.

I did this to people I’ve never even met before. I’m just that good in social situations.

Needless to say…we’ve had some set backs ya’ll. I stupidly thought we would maybe get outta this whole process with only a few accidents and he’d just learn and go with the flow (face palm).


But no, now he finds it funny to stand on the pot and shout “IM PEEING” at the top of his lungs like he just won the olympic medal in being disgusting.

I know y’all are sick of hearing about the PT woes…believe me…so am I. I’d like to say I had other things to discuss. But I don’t. This is it. Potty Training…trying to get squishy ginger to crawl…potty training…binge eating…and potty training…oh and some Bachelor in Paradise and Naked and Afraid XL when I get a free sec.

I seriously had a friend suggest hiding a maxi pad in his undies for pre school just in case he doesn’t get it in time….IT’S THAT GRIM PEOPLE.

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  1. Laura says:

    Seriously, I love these posts. It’s like looking into my future (God save me). Reading these give me a break from work and/or waiting for meeting to start. Keep-these-posts-coming, seriously it’s my dose of LOL’s.

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