Emma Hope ::Ten Months::

I’m sorry….you’re going to be one in like 8 weeks? I can’t. Stop. STOP.


It’s super hard to believe you are 10 months old because well…you aren’t on the move yet…and not that I am complaining…I’m not…stay put little slug…but it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that you are in fact THIS OLD. A lady at the verizon store the other day was all googly eyes at you and then turned to me and asks “how old is she…4…5 months?”….takes deep breathe for patience…”she’s 10 months”…”OH, a tiny one!” BACK OFF LADY AND GO LOOK AT PHONES AND LEAVE US ALONE IF YOURE GONNA BE SIZE JUDGEY….and we moved on.

emma101 emma102 emma103 emma104

You are precious from the tip of her fuzzy crazy haired head to your chubby non growing and really small feet. You love the pool. Hate not eating. Love shoveling food in your mouth. Kinda enjoy swings. Still love finger sucking. Love rolling everywhere…and I mean everywhere. Nearly plummeted to your death off the changing table…thanks to my quick reflexes (which don’t come from being energized with a lot of sleep…ahem)…you were saved. You’re also still teetering between strawberry blonde and like carrot red…somedays I seriously see zero red and others day…well…carrot.

emma105 emma106 emma107 emma108 emma109

You make this funny whistling noise through your redneck teeth. You find Gracie hilarious. You still love a good game of peak-a-boo and you’ve never met a picture book you didn’t like.

emma1010 Emma1011 Emma1012 emma1013

But this sleep thing…I just can’t even go there…so we’ll just pretend it’s perfect. Oh how I love to watch you grow “Missy Miss”. XOXO.

But for the love of God…SLEEP.PLEASE.

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