Last week, my mom and I took Luke and Emma out for a sunny adventure for some splash fountainy goodness…welp, he cared zero cares about the fountain and just wanted to play with the new giant ferry boat he conned (begged, pleaded, demanded, whined for, and yes….I GAVE IN) us into getting him…but after a couple hours…I knew the dreaded time was upon me…he probably had to pee…and I probably had to take him for the first time outside the house and hope for the best.


The best wasn’t this time.

Do you know what’s more terrifying to a potty training toddler than a non-stop automatic toilet flusher at eye level? Probably nothing. Cuz…that’s pretty much the top tier of scary things. After multiple attempts of getting him to try and sit…and multiple rounds of the giant SWOOSH sound…I gave up…shocker…me…giving up…but we gave up.

Potty trained kids also dominate carnival games...
Potty trained kids also dominate carnival games…

The next day, we find ourselves at the only restaurant we can eat at as a family…because they have a play place…which means he can scurry into the germ tube of fun while we actually eat food…and here we were again…with a toddler that probably had to pee…but this time…there was daddy. And we like to do all things daddy does…so i was hopeful….

Victorious...we are not the proud owners of an ugly sea horse.
Victorious…we are now the proud owners of an ugly sea horse.

And ya know what…

BOOM. PEE. IN THE POTTY. In PUBLIC. Luke proudly came out of the bathroom shouting “I PEED IN THE POTTY” so loud that everyone basically turned to him and gave him a thumbs up. He promptly bowed and went on with his day…All this to say…there is progress happening. He’s done it several times outside the house and I feel like high five-ing the potty training angels or giving me a bit of a break. YOU ROCK POTTY TRAINING ANGELS. BLESS YOU.

I see his future campaign wave already in this picture...GOGGIN FOR POTTY KING 2015.
I see his future campaign wave already in this picture…GOGGIN FOR POTTY KING 2015.

He also did this public display of potty completion today during the lunch rush at another Chick Fila…not kidding…only place we eat…but this crowd wasn’t as in to his dramatic declaration of Pee…I think he was a bit saddened…Meh…tough life lesson kid.

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