Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Emma has recently excelled in a new olympic sport known as “roll everywhere possible”. Is there such as thing as babies who just roll places and never actually crawl? I used to hear stories about “those kids” who never crawled and just went right to walking and apparently “These heathens” tend to have behavior issues later in life…is that a real thing? Or one of those urban parenting myths that force you to get your child to attempt to crawl…


There will be times when I turn around and expect to see Emma just laying or sitting there in all her chubby glory, but she’s somehow managed to roll herself either behind the couch or down the hallway…and then you go find her and she’s all “look at me…I moved…I’m cute” and stuff like that. She gets real proud of herself real quick.


I attempted one of those high speed action videos of her crawling everywhere, but of course the one time I set my camera up…she just chills…and digests her food like it’s no big deal. What is with my kids and just not performing so that I can put their ish up on Huffington Post Parent and get some screen time on the Today show or something…DO YOU WANNA GO TO COLLEGE? DANCE MONKEY DANCE.


Although this isn’t the quality of rollage I was anticipating…it still makes me laugh to watch her thundering around the room in all her squishy inability to move directly forward glory…

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