Brown paint….is gross.

The fact that I have to even write this post….makes me insides wanna become my outsides. I know…I don’t HAVE to write anything… but in being fully transparent and having a good documentation of the daily musings of our lives. I have to.

Luke keeps smearing poop everywhere in his room.

Let that sink in.


Take a moment to pity me.

And let’s move on.

I thought this was a one time deal…like one of those “hey isn’t that kinda funny” things that happens in parenthood. But…then it happened again and I thought…”Well you lazy mom, this is what you get for not putting shorts on your kid during nap time”. And then…


Shorts on. Not the shorts. Shorts not a barrier to poop smears. NOTHING IS A BARRIER.

We have moved past the conversation where it basically goes like this…

Walk in door…get wiff…look around…

“LUKE! Oh No! We don’t paint with poop, that’s a icky!”

Luke blinks slowly at me…


“Yes…my like Poopcaso….go watch Blaze while i disinfect your life”.

Now it’s just…walk in the door…look around…

“Ok, where is it”

and he goes around the room and shows me all of his markings. And I die a little more every day.

I’ve done my googling. I know this is normal. But this just isn’t what I expected ya know? This isn’t on the Gerber milestones chart where it’s like crawler…walker…toddler…poop smearer…potty trained…president.

Any moms have some suggestions? Because, ew.

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  1. Laura says:

    OMG! I think I died a little for you. Sending thoughts of Lysol, Clorox wipes and a maid- your way.

  2. lcmgoggin says:

    I’m just going to ask for professional carpet cleaners for every holiday from here until Luke’s like…15. UGHHHHHH.

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