Emma Hope ::9 Months::



9 months. 9!!!

I was worried you’d never get teeth. Welp you went from one tooth to five, and not just five but a mega tooth that is actually two teeth fused together…your smile just screams orthodontist in the future :). It also screams, I’m precious and have a rednecky baby grin. You also just scream, like a dying cat or banshee because you think it’s fun. Sometimes you make me deaf and I hear ringing.

emma9m1 emma9m2 emma9m3 emma9m4 emma9m5

You love spoons. You have one in your hand like 80% of the time. You eat better than your brother. You shovel meatballs, chicken, peppers, bananas, strawberries, you’ll eat anything. But when I give you a mound of shredded cheese it’s like you’ve seen the face of God or something…CHEESE.

emma9m6 emma9m7 emma9m8 emma9m9

You still aren’t crawling, but you are darn close. You wiggle your butt back and forth and try and use your face for leverage, but you’re still stuck. You’ll push backwards and rotate like a clock, but forward motion aint your skill yet…it could be because I’ve handcuffed your ankles to the chairs….syke…but if you wanted to wait til you were like a year…I’m not going to complain.

emma9m10 emma9m11

LGP_2947 LGP_2960 LGP_2962 LGP_2966 LGP_2985 LGP_2990

Your brother is getting a little impatient that you aren’t ready to just jump in and play with him yet. You’re also getting a little aggravated when he steals things outta your hands, it’s about to get real WWE up in the playroom in the next few months…I can sense it.

You are still my easy going, happy lil cherub, queen of thunder thigh nation. Kisses sweet Emma Boo!

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