Nipple rings to Fireworks. Happy fourth!


This past weekend was Murica’s bday. Girlfriend brings it hard every year with BBQs, Sparklers, and days off, WOO AMERICA. My proposed agenda for the weekend consisted of not much but taking the kids to the pool for as long as they would last for as many times as possible…Luke loves the pool, Emma goes with the flow, Pools already paid for, WINNING. Mother nature though….that fickle fickle woman…

It rained and was cloudy…most of the weekend, into today, I’m about to go crazy. However, we did squeeze out some outdoor time on Friday. Here in NOVA, there are about a zillion mini water parks and splash parks within 10 miles of each other ( We picked the closest and the cheapest…PRIORITIES. This place is like 10 minutes from our house…oh yas.

Aside from the initial terror inducing realization that a giant bucket full of gallons of water may dump on his head at any moment, Luke was in hog heaven. Multiple pools. A bit splash tower. Wheels to turn. Slides to go down. Sand to dig in. Kids to play with and stalk (sometimes he can’t take hints).

Best part of the day? Was when Luke stood on the side of the pool and started SHOUTING at the top of his TODDLER LUNGS to Pete in the pool “IM PEEING DADDY IM PEEING”….face palm…hey at least he wasn’t IN the pool…#redeyesmeanspee.


Other fun things about this place…the guy who had two nipple rings and rocked Abercrombie and Fitch plaid swimshorts (he was like 40), the family who just saddled up and squished 3 chairs right next to us…PERSONAL SPACE PEOPLE, the lifeguards who do the most epic scanning of the pool ever…like down to their toes, not sure how they don’t get vertigo or something, but they’re thorough. Totes going back!

This is Luke’s first fourth where he can actually appreciate the big booming explosions in the sky. He calls them “Bireworks” because we can’t say F’s. Sounds like he has a constant stuffy nose….sniff sniff. Our strategy was to wake him up about 10 minutes before they were scheduled to start, stroll down to the school to watch them, stroll back and hope he just drifts back to sleep peacefully after a fun excursion of exploding sparklers. SUCCESS.

He may have looked like Where’s Waldo in his repurposed Christmas PJs as Patriotic PJs but his spirit shines oh so bright…CANT HOLD HIM BACK. 🙂


I told my kid the sky was exploding….I’m basically creating nightmares everyday :).

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