It was a “fiver” kinda day.

Sometimes I get a bit cynical.

Day in and day out of toddlers screaming at me for JUICE and “OWA WA” aka Granola…and it hardens you a bit…like prison. I basically just compared having a toddler to sometimes feeling like you are in prison…see what I mean by cynical…

But, then some days. Some days are so good. Not that the whole day is good, cuz well…again…Toddlers. But, some days there is just one tiny nugget that makes it all worth it.

Today, there were like five. The average day has one or two, so that makes today, GREAT.

It wasn’t a really special day. It started with Target (always good) and ended with us closing on the refinance of our house, WOOT (also great), but these weren’t the things.

The things….

1. At one point today, I looked downstairs and Luke was playing nicely with Emma, NICELY YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, he was “Reading” to her and showing her the pictures of the animals in a book….and then he just leaned over and hugged her. Not prompted by me for the photo up…he just hugged her?! I DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS OF CUTENESS.

LGP_1048 LGP_1057 LGP_1084

2-4. Luke peed on the potty three times (this counts as three things). THREE TIMES PEOPLE. The thing is, the kids way too smart for me. He has seriously connected “peeing in pot” to gummy bears…so much so that today he squeezed as much out multiple times so that he got three gummy bears…GENIUS. Also, this is minimizing some of my fears of having to dehydrate him during the first few weeks of school in fear of them finding out I lied about him being potty trained…MAYBE we just actually WILL BE?! Also, Luke now thinks Gummy Bears come out of his pee…we’ll work on that.

Calling his peeps at the Gummy Bear factory...KEEP THEM COMING...and BIGGER.
Calling his peeps at the Gummy Bear factory…KEEP THEM COMING…and BIGGER.

5. Emma learned to clap. Seriously this has been something that I was worried i’d have to answer “no she doesn’t do that yet” at our appointment on Thursday…and the lil nugget just was like..”chill mom, I can put my hands together multiple times in a rhythmic fashion…CHILL”.

LGP_2500 LGP_2516 LGP_2535

Please keep praying to the toddler gods that when we actually make the shift to the Blaze and McQueen undies (do they make these?!) that we promised Luke I don’t spend have my weekend elbow deep in toddler mush….or if I do, please just send me surprise Chlorox coupons.

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  1. Allen Merchant says:

    You will have many more five or so

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