My kid talks for his toes.

Yesterday in the car on the way to a lovely summer outing (a weird show where a guy sang songs about a toaster and his dog played the piano…we lasted 20 minutes), Luke started chatting to himself. Now, this is not out of the norm. He often talks to himself, pretends to talk for his toys, etc. My personal favorite is when he picks up two different cars and goes ” Oh, Mater, It’s nice to see you again!”…the kids a president in the making.

But yesterday, in between singing his favorite truck songs, I heard something which I just couldn’t stop laughing about. HE WAS TALKING FOR HIS TOES.

He often flings his shoes off in the car, welp today. Left footer got a staring role in the ride to the park. And I quote

” You saved me! You saved me from my stinky shoe! It’s so good to be outta there. It’s so dark in there, phew!”

WHERE DOES HE COME UP WITH THIS STUFF? However, I bet if his toes could ACTUALLY talk that is EXACTLY what they would say. Hearing his lil high pitched squeaky voice speak so eloquently for his toes…just slays me.

And a special Thursday treat, here is my toddler singing along to his favorite Monster Truck song….Boys….when can I force princess songs on Emma? Now too soon? A week ago too soon? Baby ballet shoes? Eh? EH?!

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