My kid has chlorine poisoning or he has dry drowning or…

Syke, he’s fine.

Google is the enemy.

Google is the biggest enemy when you are on vacation and hours away from your trusted pediatrician. But when you have a highly trained PICU nurse in your beach house…it’s not awful.

But never google. “Kid throws up after swimming” because you’ll find the worst of the worst.

Day three consisted of a glorious non-lava-hot sand and lovely breezy morning at the beach. The toddler dug in the sand. He went for a stroll. He wore a hat, BIG DEAL. We caught a sandy crab named Freddy and sorta, almost killed him by filling the bucket with too much water and sand. Then Luke tried to set him free in our camp…but we caught him again, so all is well. He then let Freddy go and chased him up and down the beach for the next 5 minutes giving the poor side-walking gross thing no chance of a break.

LGP_0387 LGP_0392 LGP_0402 LGP_0405 LGP_0415 LGP_0416 LGP_0430 LGP_0443 LGP_0451

All seemed to be going well…and then after a quick swim and long nap he woke up and spewed in the hallway again….commence googling anxiety. Did you know chlorine poisoning is a thing? Now I do. Groan.

LGP_0479 LGP_0484 LGP_0487 LGP_0493 LGP_0504

Long story short, he’s fine today. Shocker right? We tried to sneak as many liquids in him as possible, coaxing him with bike rides and popsicles. And he woke up today just as obnoxious and toddlery as ever. Demanding eggs and cookies like normal…at 7:30am.

LGP_0511 LGP_0532

It’s rainy and cloudy today…who knows what this day will entail, but a rainy day at the beach ain’t so bad :).


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