Oh, there’s also sting rays.

I thought I was coming to a normal beach vacation, but apparently Jack Hannah is somewhere releasing his collection of ocean creatures for us to witness everyday. HUZZAH.

We started this morning with a hopeful heart that “mr. ocean hater” would have a change of tune and at least let other people get in the ocean without screaming “NOOOOOO YOU’RE GONNA DIE” (maybe that’s an exaggeration), if you let your toe touch the water. There was a family of dolphins swimming gleefully as we got to the beach and a plethora of sandy crabs that grabbed his attention…it seemed we were off to a good start. Sandy crabs, though creepy and gross, are fascinating to tiny toddlers…blech. Hate you evil sand dwellers with your creepy sideways walking.

LGP_0254 LGP_0267

At some point during the middle of the morning, a giant sting ray decided to join the animal party. Floating along like a blanket in the sea, this thing would not quit…or it couldn’t because it couldn’t get over the waves…not sure, but either way it stuck around a long time, scaring unknowing raft floaters and fascinating the West Virginia family next to us where one ladies top kept “popping” off…can’t make that up, happened.

By the late afternoon, it brought a friend. And he and it’s friend kinda looked like a shark apparently (sure). Because some European lady scared the entire beach within ear shot that there was in deed in fact a shark in the water…you can imagine how well that went over with just about everyone…(not well).

LGP_0276 LGP_0282

Oh, I also tried to entice Luke to the beach with a new kite…that didn’t work…because karma? I dunno. Honestly, I just wanted it for the pictures… :).

LGP_0288 LGP_0298 LGP_0300 LGP_0304 LGP_0318

All that to say that “mr. ocean hater” is now maybe just “mr. ocean not a fan of”. Today is supposed to be not 100 degrees so maybe the sand won’t attempt to take off 500 layers of skin through epic heat. Happy thoughts that day 3 is the day….or maybe just the day he builds a sandcastle…I’ll take anything :).

LGP_0327 LGP_0347 LGP_0362-2 LGP_0373

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