Emma Hope ::8 Months::

Eight months…EIGHT.


Your latest trick is the epic core strength that allows you to sit on your own. I love the core strength. So do you. Now you can sit upright as you shove toys in your mouth as opposed to only being able to lay flat. It’s also a game of finding you in a variety of new positions in your fun cute cage of sleep, aka crib. You’ve only gotten your legs stuck once so far…I think you learned quickly…good work :).

You’ve got a big affection for cheese and meatballs…you hate green beans, you nearly gag when you smell them. Kinda don’t blame ya…pureed green beans…is just unnatural.

8months2 8months1

Still rocking the one snaggle tooth…however that’s all about to change as the next pearly white is about to make its debut any day now. I think i’ll miss snaggle tooth…it’s kinda your signature look…you’ve rocked it for many moons and it will be very strange to see you with more than just snaggie up in that big mouth of yours :).

8months5 8months4 8months3

Speaking of big things…my lord your thighs. Your self consciousness over a lack of thigh gap is starting early girl….it’s fine, well just make you go as a mermaid for halloween. I adore them. They are so big and fluffy; you don’t fit into any pants…and some of your diaper covers…just…can’t handle it. I know your middle-namesake used to be called “missy fat legs”…and I totally believe you are in the running to be Missy Fat Legs 2.0.

8months6 8months7

I also and freely am admitting you are a ginger. A strawberry blonde ginger maybe…but my gingery ginger Emma Hope, how precious you are. I’ve started calling you pebbles, because you only have enough hair to hold a bow in the center of your head…and well…it’ fits.

You love to pet the puppy and watch her run around the house with your looney brother. You find hot wheels cars to be extra tasty…brother hates this. One of your favorite toys right now is this cheesy plastic wrench. Peek-a-boo still fascinates you. You love the pool and floating and cruising along in your pimped out floatie. You hate the annoying kids who “accidentally” squirt you in the face….I hate them too…BOO.


If you had the skills to crawl, you’d be there. You wiggle and get your knees propped but your chunky belly and thighs keep you stationary. I would be shocked if you’re not crawling by next month…but I also thought you’d sleep well by now and….zzzzZ. Negative.


Your brother finally said “I love you Emma” (with some prodding). You sometimes can “play” together…and that just makes me swoon…soaking this up because it’s only weeks before y’all start crying for stealing each others toys…it’s coming…I can sense it.

Keep growing. Smiling. Cooing. Screeching like a dinosaur (sometimes its deafening). Belly laughing. And singing. We love you, our gingery chunky thigh boo boo.

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