On my third mothers day…


Yesterday was mothers day and my husband was wrangling my son in the bathroom when he said “hey this is your third mothers day already!”…and I first thought “syke, its only my second”, but nope, third, he was right (for once…chuckle chuckle…syke hes right a lot).

There are SO many things I am thankful for as I celebrated my third mothers day. I could make a list a mile and a half long and still probably come up with a dozen more things I am thankful for. I find it helpful to constantly write these things down so I can think back on them when I am knee deep in moments that I am not thankful for…cuz they happen…like this morning when a guy from Fairfax Water showed up saying our metering may be off and that he needed to fix some things and my dog was barking a buttload and I didn’t want the baby to wake up and Luke just wanted to play in the water table, but they had to turn the water off, and so TEARS.


I am truly thankful for two healthy, energetic, and bouncing kiddos.

I am truly thankful I get to parent a boy and a girl and know the true joy and struggles that comes from raising them both. Dirt and drama…bring it.

LGP_6957 LGP_5004

I am truly thankful I have a support system so strong, made up of both family and friends, who are always willing to help, listen, bring coffee, bring DONUTS, and just fix my life when it needs fixing and I just can’t even do it…like fixing a mailbox or buying a new diaper pail that’s been broken for a year…

I am truly thankful for netflix…I’m serious here…without it I’d never be able to feed the baby or bathe her…thank you screen time I know people hate you, but I love you for a regulated amount of time everyday :).

I am truly thankful for the moms who’ve done it all before me and can tell me how to do it before I make major f’ups.

I am truly thankful for Riesling. Sometimes I run really fast to you hiding in my fridge when the last kids asleep…sometimes I want you at 2pm. Sometimes 12.

I am truly thankful for baby leg chub and toddler giggles. I die over them.

I am truly TRULY thankful I get to be home with my nuggets everyday, I would so rather have a bad day with these lovelies than go back to having bad days with grumpy dumb dumbs at the office.


So on my third mothers day, I can’t say I feel any wiser than on my first mothers day, but it is such a treat to have the two year old shout “HAPPY MUDDERS DAY” over and over like the precious canary bird that he is. To have Duck Donuts for dinner and to have two sweet daddy guided signatures on my mothers day card.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, ALL OF THEM.


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