Another letter from Luke to Emma…


Yo Sis,

First off, let me start by saying I’m sorry that I hit you on the head the other day with the kindle…my bad…I just like really wanted to watch the trucks and you were all eatsy weetsy and mom was distracted and just…RAGE. SO….sorry and stuff.

So, I guess you’re sticking around huh? I mean, theres been no mention of you like going away and the parents keep talking about “the future” with you so…I guess I gotta get used to you like being here. You’re pretty ok for the most part. You’ve taken an interest in some of my toys though…and I just dunno if I’m ready for that yet. That Marshall stuffed dog you were playing with yesterday? I may not act like I want it…or really ever play with it…but just so you know that it is mine and the second I want it…you need to just give in. Or I’ma turn the fake tears on blast. BLAST I TELL YOU.

LGP_7236 LGP_7242

I sometimes try and be nice to you. It’s hard for me, cuz well I’m two and the world still revolves around me, but I’m trying. Sometimes I’ll let you sit next to me…and I won’t try and karate chop you or dive bomb onto your “gentle skull” as they call it. They, aka parents, keep making these jokes about ” no more Harvard” with every thump, but I’m not sure what that means…

LGP_6857 LGP_6863 LGP_6867

I think it’s great that you find me funny. Cuz, I have to agree with you, that I’m really hilarious. You’ve probably noticed that because I laugh at myself a lot. And you only make me feel that much funnier when you laugh when I pretend to be Cookie Monster and get food like….everywhere. At least SOMEONE is finding me amusing…

LGP_6871 LGP_6879 LGP_6883

I also try and help feed (shove) your mushy foods into your mouth at dinner time. I’m “a good helper” and don’t try and poke it into your eye ALL the time. I like to mix it up…one time I tried to put it in your ear…and then your nose…and then on the floor. Mom says I should just put it in your mouth, but…boring.

Summer is coming and that means pools, outdoors, parks, and beachin. I think you’ll like summer. It’s pretty great. I personally enjoy spending as much time neked and fancy free as the old lady will let me…oh and dirt…all of the dirt. Join me sometime soon huh? I’ll have a great time trying to bury you or getting you to eat it…I’m nice like that.


Til next time Sista Friend!

Luke the Duke

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