EHG ::7 Months::


We’ve rounded second base and are headed for third on this first year of life. I gotta be honest, I’m slightly amazed I’ve survived 7 months of two kiddos without any major F ups…note the word major. Aside from the (way more frequent than necessary) head injuries via kindles and monster trucks, I’d say you’ve managed the first 7 months of your life fairly unscathed.


However, your lack of core muscles and night sleeping skills is leaving some things to be desired, if you can’t tell I desire sitting and sleeping. We do baby boot camp a bunch every day, but short of putting you on a “Baby Tai Bo (yall remember that?!) 90 Minute Abs” DVD everyday…I dunno how else to help you child. You can’t be the only kid in your first grade class who sits in a bumbo…so I know you will get it eventually, but let’s speed up the process, pronto tonto.




Things about you at 7 months…

You hate bananas. HATE THEM.

You love orange foods.

You love bouncing.

You hate teething

You love smiling and flirting.

You hate being left alone.

You’ve survived your first 2 week long cold…so pathetic and sad.

We’ve left you 2 weekends and no one from CPS called us about neighbor complaints, thanks grandparents :).

You’re a precious peanut with rosey cheeks and I can’t wait to see you in a bathing suit with your chunky legs hanging out in all their chunky glory.






If the words “you finally sleep through the night” aren’t in my next monthly update…someone just sign me up for “Duck Donuts Daily” service because I’ll be continuously eating my feelings by the truck load.

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